API for ARM module

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armapi API for ARM module.


This API allow you to control easily the modules ARM from ATIM company in c or cpp. You will be able to send and receive data on the Sigfox/LoRaWan network and local network.


There is no installation. To use this API, just copy or include the files from folders 'bindings' in you project. You can found the packages for Arduino, c and cpp on this page.


You can access the last generated documentation here. To generate the doc you need to have doxygen installed locally, then run doxygen in 'docs' folder. The documentation is generated locally in the docs/html/index.html folder.

Library status

Currently the API is in bĂȘta and support the module ARM_N8_LP, ARM_N8_LD and ARM_N8_LW.

Report a Bug

To report your problem, open an issue.